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What is BeSavings?

BeSavings is a platform that helps you manage your savings through fixed and flexible financial savings plan. The platform represents the interest of the low, middle and upper class as it combines automation with the manual system of savings.

The electronic channel, caters for the interest of elites like you. The parent company of BeSavings, Business Eugenics Nig. Limited also offers the manual system of savings through which the low class of the society is reached out to with the opportunity to participate in the structured system of savings. It is no wonder the organization’s subscriber base has a mix of every people profile. Our testimonials prove this!

Most of the Savings options come with exciting interest/profit over a period of time.

BeSavings also offers Investment option and value added services with specified terms and conditions.

Why Should I Save with BeSavings?

BeSavings was designed with the best of consideration, with a simple structure that makes savings easy and appreciated. You make interest on your savings over a period of time, though terms and conditions apply, which are also user friendly. We have a track record of success having operated for over four (4) years.

BeSavings also offers you investment options with fixed returns on a timed basis. We also offer the BeBackToSchool (BeBTS) Savings plan, whose purpose is to save parents the stress associated with raising school fees close to resumption time. We offer some other value added services like BeRewards and some others.

Can I lose the interest on my savings?

Yes, you can! If your practice of savings is inconsistent. Please note that ‘inconsistent’ is relative. For example, if you are subscribed the 26K+4 savings plan and you miss your monthly savings three times, you are inconsistent. Also, if you decided to save by the 5th month, which is the last month of savings, then you are inconsistent. The definition is relative; we determine it based on the business advantage your savings style and practise offers us.

How do I start Using BeSavings?

To start Saving and eventually investing with BeSavings:

  • Register your free account with your name, email address, phone Number and an optional referral code
  • A confirmation mail is sent to your email, activate your account by clicking the link in the email
  • Log in and Complete your Registration
  • Feel free to select a Savings option
  • You can automate your savings option if you do not mind.
How exactly do you generate returns that help you pay interests?

We invest safely in a number of ventures. We also have a well structured loan scheme which has run successfully for some time. Our Multipurpose cooperative society handles a number of initiatives that generate good returns. BeSavings' parent company has grown organically over the years.

How do I participate as an investor?

Once you are subscribed to the platform, you can access these options. Our investment options on the platform is limited to a range of amount. Incase you want to explore further, you can apply to become a member of the cooperative multipurpose society.

How much savings can I start with?

It depends on the savings slot that you settle for.

Are you Licensed?

The parent company, Business Eugenics is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. The parent company also has a duly registered Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

What are the savings plans on BeSavings?

BeSavings offers a number of savings plans

  • 52K+8 – You save according to saving slot options (highlighted in your portal) for a given time without interruption. You cannot access your savings until the tenure (12months) is over. This plan has run successfully for over 2 years with wonderful testimonials. If your savings is inconsistent, you will forfeit your bonuses (interest and referral). Ideal time to send your savings is the beginning of the month.
    • It has the two options. First allows you save weekly or monthly but the other allows you save your sum total savings up at once. The latter offers you more interest than the former.
    • The best time for you to join is the first month of kickoff. It is however possible to join at any point, but if your plan is ‘Flexi 52K+8’, you should first make up for all the months missed, and stick to your savings plan. Do not forget, inconsistency attracts no bonus(es).
  • 26K+4 – It runs just like 52K+8 but its tenure is 6 months; you save for 5 months and you get paid by the sixth month. This plan could be run twice a year if started early. Ideal time to send your savings is the beginning of the month.
  • beSpoke – You can save any amount over a preferred period of time. The unique thing about this plan is that you can withdraw your savings anytime, set your savings tenure. Interest of 2% monthly is only after the third month, and is applicable if savings is kept up to three months (90 days).
How Often Can I Save?

It depends on the savings plan you opt for.

How many Savings Plans Can I create?

As much as you want.

What are the Savings Tenure?

For 52K+8, which is for 12 months. The best time to make your payment is the beginning of every month.

For 26K+4, which is for 6 months.

BeSpoke Savings, you can choose your tenure as you wish.

Please tell me about the time my savings will start to produce interest and bonuses

52K+8, interest is made available to you at the end of the tenure. Same applies to 26K+4. For your referral bonuses, it adds up and is reflected on your portal based on subscribers referred. No referral bonus is available on the BeSpoke and BeBTS plan.

Is it Possible to track my Savings?

Yes, you can. On your dashboard, you will see a summary of your Savings Plan and interest/bonuses you’re entitled to.

What Interest do I earn on my Savings?

52K+8 – you earn NGN8,000 on every savings per slot

26K+4 – you earn NGN4,000 on every savings slot

BeSpoke Savings – 2% which will reflect on your bonus list at the end of the beginning of the 4th month

Can I sign up for 52K+8 mid year?

You can sign up anytime!

How do I make my payments?

Kindly effect a bank transfer to any of our accounts. If your payment does not reflect on the dashboard after some time, please reach our Customer Service via WhatsApp on +2348098001717

How does this differ from savings?

Your savings is what you set apart for a defined purposes. Investment gives you the opportunity to drop your capital so you can derive profit. So the difference is the aim.

What are your investment packages?

Minimum investment amount is NGN1,000,000 and maximum is NGN10,000,000. You may call Customer service directly if you have a special request.

What do you Invest in?

We invest safely in a number of ventures. We also have a well structured loan scheme which has run successfully for some time. Our Multipurpose cooperative society handles a number of initiatives that generate good returns.

What do I earn from my investment?
PackageAmount (NGN)Monthly InterestTenure
Bronze500,000 – 2,500,0003%3 months
Silver2,600,000 – 5,000,0003.5%3 months
Gold5,100,000 – 10,000,0004%3 months
Platinum10,100,000 and above4.5%6 months
What is the BeBackToSchoolBeBTS package?

This is a special savings plan that offers parents a systematic structure for savings towards children’s resumption needs.

What do I need to participate in BeBTS?

Be an active subscriber of BeSavings

Can I run slots like it is binding for other savings programme?

Yes you can. So if you have five children, you can subscribe to a minimum of five plans (a slot for each child). You can however subscribe for more than a slot per child!

What are the charges on transactions?

Savings – There are no charges for savings. If you make a transfer, you will still pay your normal charges to your bank. That is beyond us.

Investments – There is no withdrawal charge on your investments.

BeBTS – No hidden charges on transaction.

When can I withdraw my funds?

Withdrawal instructions depend on the type of Savings option(s) you are subscribed to.

52K+8 – Withdrawal is only possible by the 12th month.

26K+4 – Withdrawal possible at the end of the tenure (the 6th month)

BeSpoke – At the end of your chosen tenure.

How do I process my withdrawal?

Kindly log into your BeSavings account, go to Withdrawal and follow the instructions.

* For all savings and BTS plans, payout might take up to 10 working day.

* For all investments, payout might take up to 15 working days

Information Security
Am I safe on the BeSavings site?

The BeSavings platform was built with security as a topmost priority. Users card details are not stored on our site, rather they are stored securely with our Payment Processor. BeSavings uses the highest levels of Internet Security, and it is secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption to ensure that your information is completely protected from fraud.

Does BeSavings have a physical office?

Yes. 58, Gbadebo Street, Mokola, Ibadan. You can also engage us on Social Media; Whatsapp and Instagram.

Are you under any regulatory body?

Yes, we run a registered multipurpose cooperative society with a trackrecord of success over the years.

How do I reach you?

Our office address is 58, Gbadebo Street, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State. You can also reach us on phone via our Whatsapp number +2348098001717, or send us an email at